5 Reasons to Have a Home Inspection Before Buying

home inspection serviceDoes your future home need a home inspection service to come check it out? It can be very easy to get excited about a house you really like, but just because you think you have found the right house does not mean it will be perfect or you will get the results that you want. A nice home is good but before you buy you may want to think about getting a home inspection and then signing on the dotted line after everything checks out.

When you consider how much money is at stake and how much you are investing, it makes sense to pay just a bit before you buy to make sure you are not making a disastrous mistake. Remember that an appraisal is not the same as an inspection and will not evaluate the home in the same way so do not make that error.

We have put together some great reasons to inspect your home before buying. Read on to find out more and make sure you are covered when buying a home.

1. It might not be in as good a condition as it seems.
Maybe you think that you should save some money and not do an inspection. That would be a huge mistake. No matter how new or okay looking a home appears, appearances can be deceiving. Any home could be hiding a number of problems that you would never have known about otherwise. Plumbing troubles and worse could be lurking just under the surface so it is well worth spending the time and money now to get it checked out.

2. Save more money in the long run.
If you really think about it, home inspections are well worth the money. They are fairly affordable and usually cost three to five hundred dollars on average. That small sum could end up saving you tens of thousands of dollars down the road. Having a potential home inspected is more affordable than buying a money pit at far more than you should because you assumed it was in good condition.

3. Negotiate for a lower price.
Finding out there is something wrong with the house gives you huge bargaining power. Information obtained as a result of having a house inspected can easily give you reason to negotiate a lower asking price. You now can put language into the purchase contract that states that if an inspection finds problems you are free to back out of the buying agreement.

4. Clauses in agreement for repairs.
You can also put clauses in your agreement that state the owner must either make the adequate repairs or take the cost of repairs agreed upon out of the final price if not done by a certain time. This protects you either way and is a smart move to make.

5. Know what type of home you are buying.
At the end of the day it is better to know what you’re buying. Do your research and make sure you get a quality inspection for any home you are looking to buy. You will be glad that you did in the end.

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